Once I and my some friends decided to go to Melbourne for some days, because it was a marriage ceremony of my friend so invited me over there. When we reached there he booked the hotel rooms for us. There was also a bar and restaurant in the hotel, so we all went there and had some beer, drinks and food there. In the evening it was his ring ceremony there, so all went there and enjoyed the function. But there I was getting bored, so I opened my Facebook and surfing on it. So there I found a link of online casino game and I opened that link which was a new released by the microgaming software company. The name of the slot machine was Monkey King; with the name I assumed it was some monkey related machine with the opportunity of the free spins, bonuses and lots of multipliers.

So I decided to play it but I wanted to take reviews of this pokies and I found some basic guidelines and tips which was very helpful for me. But I did not like to lose any game so I was looking for some cheat codes but I did not find any, then I played those free spins which I got in the site as a welcome bonus.But I did not get it how to play good, so I watched some youtube video for help and then I got to know all about the slots.

Basically this is a five reels and 30 pay line betting machine which give the many chance to win it, gaming features and some special symbols make this pokie for winning valuable jackpots and money. And theme of this gameplay is based on the Chinese mythology. Animation and the graphics are also pretty cool and wonderful, which you will be attracted and play it.