I was a chief editor in the Forbesmagazine in Australia and I am very much addictive with the world of pokies, it gives me a wonderful experience. Sometime I use to play some online games, crosswordpuzzles and read comics when I get free time so one day I sat on my cabin and was looking for some good payout on the net slot game which I could play for time pass, I found many but the rating was very good of one named private eye. So through this blog I want to share my experience which I had while playing it.

So when I played it very first time that day firstly I downloaded the app on my mobile phone so that I can be played at easily and the another benefit was it gave me some free spins but if I would play on the site they would give me no bonus or free chances to play it. So if you would like to know more about it so you can also find reviews on the net. There are so many website s which will give you the full description about this game.

The best part about this machine was it gave me a free tour of Seattle when I win the chance and I wanted to win so I found all the related tips and technique which could be help me to win this offer. I also watched videos on youtube of this event. It is a 243 ways format poker machine which means you will have hundred of chances in order to make money.To make a win all you will need to do is match the symbols at least three or more than that so you can win many prizes along with money.