Judge Afiuni’s Lawyer Arrested by National Guard in Venezuela

June 6, 2012 10:19 am0 commentsViews: 2

Jose Amalio Graterol, who is  currently  the attorney of the Judge Maria de Lourdes Afiuni, was arrested on Monday by National Guards in Venezuela.

Graterol was working on a case in a court near the city of Caracas where he refused to initiate a trial without his client’s presence. For that reason, the National Guard troops were ordered by the judge Yalitza Dominguez to arrest the lawyer and take him with handcuffs to a local police station.

Graterol’s partner, Thelma Fernandez, who was with the lawyer  during the event, said that she was attacked by a sheriff at the time of the arrest. ”To avoid the arrest of Jose Amalio Graterol, an officer pushed me and threw me to the floor.”

Also, Dr. Fernandez mentioned that Monday morning in court,  official judges were already talking about Graterol and their disagreement with the statements he made on TV about the situation in the judiciary, and the events happening in Venezuela’s prisons.

Yesterday, Graterol spent the night in prison. Today, he is already in the Vargas state Circuit Court awaiting a hearing where he will be charged for the crime of obstruction of justice.

At the same time, the Member of the Latin American Parliament and part of  the opposition Unity Board, , Delsa Solorzano, strongly condemned the arrest of  Maria Lourdes Afiuni’s lawyer, Jose Amalio Graterol.