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Elephant King Slot

The slot machine features a nature theme where animals are the main characters. You will be amazed at the quality of its graphics and animations. You can also make multiple income streams.

IGT is the company that offers this gaming experience. This is where you will find a variety of quality slot machines, such as Elephant King. There are many ways to win a prize at this casino.

Elephant King Slot Layout

The Elephant King slot machine is a stunning-looking one. It has forty pay lines, five reels, and three columns. The online slot machine’s focal point is the design of the icons. The translucent appearance of the rollers is set against a background of beautiful savannah sunset/sunrise.

The symbolisms are integral to the theme. Because they share the exact characteristics of beauty, uniqueness, and power, this slot features an antelope, a zebra, a rhinoceros, an elephant, and a rhinoceros. The player will also have the option to use complementing card symbols, giving them various winning combinations.

Elephant King Slot has Wilds, Multiplier, Scatters, and Free Spins symbols. You can earn up to 1500 credits for each spin. This will make your game even more fun.

Playing Elephant King Slot

The Elephant King slot offers fantastic free spins. This feature can be activated by landing one or more Free Spins symbols above an Elephant King. You can receive anywhere from ten to thirty free spins instantly. The number of characters on the screen will determine the number of free spins you receive.

The jokers are the same as the slot. You can use this to replace icons that don’t give you immediate profits, except for the Scatter, which can’t be replaced. There is also the dispersion feature. This is caused by landing three or more Elephant King symbols at reels 1, 3, and 5. These numbers are placed on the sides and drums to support this function.

With each spin, these number symbols move to your left. The scatter symbol is a winning symbol that will give you the winning number on the reel.Do not wait; play Elephant King slots and win big prizes.