Chavez supporters open fire on Capriles supporters at campaign event, wounding son of congressman

March 4, 2012 11:34 am0 commentsViews:

The son of Venezuelan congressman Ismael Garcia was wounded by gunfire in a campaign event of the opposition candidate Henrique Capriles on Sunday, according to news reports.


In the city of Cotiza, west of Caracas, Chavez supporters dressed in their signature “communist red” uniforms, fired shots at a crowd of Capriles supporters who were participating in a campaign march.



Ismael Garcia (the son of the congressman) is being treated in the emergency room of the clinic El Avila, after getting wounded in the right forearm. “This is all a result of this violence that the Chavistas want to implement in Venezuela,” he said.


Garcia added that the PSUV (Chavez’s political party) groups arrived on the scene armed and “opened fire” in order to create panic and fear in the community, in order to break up the candidate’s march. “Fortunately we have a candidate and a people who are willing to move forward,” Garcia said defiantly.


In Garcia’s view, Venezuelans will not accept living in fear. “This town will move ahead despite the violence and support the candidate of national unity,” he said.


For its part, candidate Capriles rejected the attacks against him this morning via his Twitter account @hcapriles: “This government represents chaos and violence, and today showed their fear of the future! The future will be peace and tranquility for Venezuela,” he wrote.