BBC: Mexico’s Pena Nieto’s presidential victory confirmed

July 6, 2012 4:47 pmComments Off

Enrique Pena Nieto has been confirmed as the winner of Mexico’s presidential election, following a partial recount. With almost every vote counted, Mr Pena Nieto had 38.2%, with second placed Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on 31.5%. While third-placed Josefina Vazquez Mota admitted defeat, Mr Lopez Obrador said he would challenge […]

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Miami Herald: Mexico returns former ruling party to power

July 2, 2012 7:09 amComments Off

MEXICO CITY – Mexico’s old guard sailed back into power after a 12-year hiatus Sunday as the official preliminary vote count handed a victory to Enrique Pena Nieto, whose party was long accused of ruling the country through corruption and patronage. The second place candidate, leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, refused […]

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The Next Mexican President and the ‘War on Drugs’

June 29, 2012 5:38 pmComments Off

Americas Report June 29, 2012 By Luis Fleischman and Nancy Menges  On July 1st, Mexicans are going to the polls to elect the next president of Mexico. Twelve years ago, the decade’s long rule of the Revolutionary Institutional party (PRI) came to an end as the candidate of the National […]

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BBC | Mexico election: Presidential candidates end campaigns

June 28, 2012 11:18 amComments Off

Campaiging has ended in Mexico’s presidential election which could see the PRI, the party which ruled for most of the 20th Century, return to power. PRI candidate Enrique Pena Nieto, who has a big lead in the polls, held a final rally in his home state. Rivals Andres Manuel Lopez […]

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BBC: Mexico City airport shootout leaves three police dead

June 26, 2012 11:37 amComments Off

Three Mexican policemen have been killed in a shootout with two other officers at Mexico City’s main airport. Officials say those shot dead were attempting to arrest the two officers who are suspected of involvement in a cocaine trafficking ring. Passengers dived for cover when the suspected traffickers opened fire, […]

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WSJ: Will the PRI retake power in Mexico?

June 24, 2012 8:50 pmComments Off

By Mary Anastasia O’Grady Wall Street Journal June 24, 2012 As modern Mexican presidential campaigns go, the one currently under way has been relatively tame. There have been no great destabilizing events like the political assassinations and Marxist uprising of 1994 or the 2006 interference from Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez. Let’s […]

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