Capitol Hill Cubans | U.N. Watch: L.A. Times is Wrong on Cuba

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Letter to the Editor of the The Los Angeles Times:

L.A. Times is Wrong on Cuba Engagement

To the Editor:

In criticizing the United States for excluding Cuba from the Summit of the Americas, you argued that “engagement, not isolation, is the best way to encourage change.” Cuba’s record in other international forums demonstrates the opposite.

In 2006, the United Nations Human Rights Council elected Cuba as a member and then dropped Havana from its watch list. In return for this engagement, Cuba has vehemently opposed efforts to scrutinize abuses by China, Iran, Sudan, Syria and other repressive regimes. Cuba takes a leading role in sponsoring resolutions that justify terrorism and advocate cultural relativism instead of universal human rights.

Should Raul Castro’s communist government really be given another forum to subvert?

Hillel C. Neuer


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