Capitol Hill Cubans: Did State Grant Visa to Dictator’s Daughter?

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It appears that the State Department may have granted a visa to Cuban dictator Raul Castro’s daughter, Mariela, to deliver a policy speech at the end of the month at the Latin American Studies Association (LASA) conference in San Francisco, CA.

In doing so, the State Department would be making an exemption for the dictator’s daughter from Presidential Proclamation 5377, which denies visas to Cuban nationals affiliated with that country’s totalitarian regime.

Moreover, it throws a bucket of cold water on President Obama’sPresidential Proclamation 8697 of August 2011, which supposedly sought to “close the gap” in granting visas to foreign nationals affiliated with human rights violators — and singling-out “prolonged arbitrary detentions” as a main violation.

Raul Castro is the among the world’s top offenders of “prolonged arbitrary detentions,” averaging hundreds per month, including that of an American development worker, Alan P. Gross.

Meanwhile, Raul’s daughter, Mariela, is his main apologist.

Thus, it’s not like she’s a relative with no ties to the “family business” (of totalitarianism).

So why grant her a visa (worse yet, an exemption) to deliver a policy speech, of all things?

Is there no accountability?

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